Aleksander Baumkirher

comes from Slovenia, Zagorje.

From time immemorial he was attracted to everything that has its own note, all that is different, aesthetic, colorful, precise, architectural, artistic. He has always spent his time with a pencil with colors. Thus, he met the artistic, artistic world. Then he began to get to know also the music world. In growing up he began to deepen into human psychological, in the universal, mystical existence, functionig of the nature. The path led him through various spiritual directions, through his own changes, his own experiences, which contributed to further visions and different creativity. Now, in the period of some insights, when he connects everything to one another, he has its own vision and brings it into the world that what pleases him and makes the world more glorious.
With his art, he wants to add completely new insights to art itself, he wants to stimulate a different way of thinking and experiencing color, moves, shape, image, composition, message and image experience. It connects sound through the image (creating by means of certain frequencies …) and it also represents the experience of some space, shape through sound, energetic, sensual, and vivid. It combines several techniques of painting. We can observe in particular the modern style, intertwined with the touch of mysticism, sacred geometry, and the influence of classicism and abstraction can also be seen. In creating he is left to the inspiration that comes in the state when he is creating.
His works could be classified as visionary art.
(Some creations have the power to change history …)